New International Terminal Shines at LAX

April 25, 2014

Los Angeles, SC Guide

by Valerie Summers

At last visitiors from foreign countries arrive and depart in  Los Angeles at a terminal that Angelenos can be proud of.  Although not entirely completed, it is a good start.  The area for arriving passengers is now comfortable and attractive with places to have a drink or a bite to eat while waiting in comfortable seating.  This is our foreign visitors first impression of our city and  it now offers a pleasant welcome.

Those departing from the international terminal are in for a treat with recently opened upscale shops and eateries worthy of Rodeo Drive.  However, the bargain shopper and eater has not been forgotten.  The  departure area also offers a fine selection of food and goods at reasonable prices.  Waiting passengers enjoy huge multi-media features while relaxing in the lounge-like setting of the Great Hall or may shop in a variety of boutiques or the 25,000 square foot Duty Free Shop featuring an abundance of items from jewelry to liquor to wearables and cosmetics.

One of the newest and classiest additions to the international terminal is the Petrossian Champagne and Caviar bar.  While awaiting flights to far off destinations, travelers may relax at the chic bar while indulging in a variety of caviar delicacies including blinis topped with caviar, hard cooked eggs topped with caviar, salads with caviar and cookies and candies made with caviar.  At Petrossian, this delicacy comes in choices of different colors and sizes, one to  suit every palate and price range.  Other elegant tidbits offered include pates, terrines and fois gras for an out of this world taste experience.  Wash it all down with a glass of Dom Perignon or select from a variety of other tantalizing offerings while  awaiting your flight.  It’s a lovely way to begin any trip.

If you absolutely abhor airline food, even in first class, Petrossian provides “Caviar in the Air” packages which range in price from $205.50-$1,581.50 depending on which caviar is selected. They also offer an elegant  variety of gift packages.

Petrossian, at the the Los Angeles International Airport, the company’s first airport location in the United States, along with the other newly opened restaurants and shops, assures that  passengers will be sent off to their destinations in fine style.

Tom Bradley International Terminal

380 World Way

Los Angeles, California


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