Winston Churchill Returns

October 2, 2010

SC Guide

On October 1, an incarnation of  Winston Churchill appeared on the stage of the intimate Whitmore/Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood.  The exceptional performance given by Edmund L. Shaff  made members of the audience feel that we were peering in to Churchill’s secret bunker beneath Whitehall in London as he pondered aloud  his 55 year career while wrestling with the decision to step down as Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Shaff’s powerful voice, his look and his mannerisms captured those of the great Churchill.  The events which he spoke of were all  a part of  history in which the great man played a pivotal role.   Playwright Andrew Edlin,  born in England, has collected anecdotes since childhood and read more than 100 books on Churchill, by Churchill and about his times and contemporaries.  Whitmore/Lindley Theatre, 11006 Magnolia, North Hollywood.  Call 800-595-4849 Thru November 7.

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