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August 25, 2012

SC Guide

Just in time for a trip abroad, I discovered a practical new travel accessory.  Brincatti Easy-Fill Travel Bottles are just that — wide mouthed — easy to fill with my favorite beauty products and the perfect size for airline carry-ons.  The plastic carrying case features four plastic bottles, one with a sprayer plus labels so I won’t have to guess which one has the shampoo and which one holds the conditioner.  It’s a simple enough concept but I found it very useful.  I am very particular which products I use and never go in for the drug-store travel sized items,but usually struggle trying to pour my chosen body lotions, hair sprays, etc into small, airline-approved size containers with meager openings, thus spilling so much of  it.  This is also a money saver for those who purchase small travel sizes rather than the larger economy sizes of beauty products.   Another plus…Brincatti bottles are made from sturdy recycled plastic and are recyclable at end of life.  Right now Brincatti is offering a special for this already reasonably priced travel accessory which may be purchased at

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