Super Portable Battery Charger

April 19, 2014

SC Guide

by Valerie Summers

Silicon Valley keeps on making life easier. A state of the art battery charger which comes in six different styles and capacities are available to suit every need.  For people on the go and especially world travelers, Jackery, a slim, attractive battery charger for smartphones and tablets provides up to 220 hours of extra operation time, depending on the model.  Some models  also feature  a flashlight which can come in mighty handy.  The Jackery Giant portable external battery has 10,400mAh for lengthening mobile device battery up to 500% for smart phones.  The two outlets allows for charging two devices at one time.  This new  backup device comes in a variety of battery capacities. The smallest but mighty Jackery Mini features the tiniest external 2600mAh rechargeable battery on the market with its 1A output.  Choose from six sleek, attractive and efficient models to make your life easier and your smartphones and tablets more dependable. I would not think of traveling without it.


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