Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray — no not that book — it’s a new one man play written and performed by Tom Dugan — Robert E. Lee- Shades of Gray at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills.  Mr. Dugan, whose critically acclaimed one-man play, Nazi-Hunter — Simon Wiesenthal, is back bringing to life another perhaps misunderstood historical figure who led the Confederate army.  In this intimate theatre setting I gained a new perspective about this historic figure who is often lauded and also often misjudged.  The two act play, complete with military garb, sound effects and a believable historic stage setting begins on April 9, 1865 when Lee arrives at Wilmer McLean’s home in the town of Appomattox Court House to discuss terms of surrender with U.S. Grant.  He reminisces about the war years,  his regrets and intentions, his family and his beliefs.  His thoughts go back to the enactment  of the Emancipation Proclamation,  the encampment outside Fredericksburgh, the Battle of Gettyburg and of Saylor’s Creek and many other historic events finally concluding with the encampment outside the town of Appomattox Courthouse where the story is told.  The conclusion becomes clear that he was an honorable man who did the best he knew how for his country and did not believe in slavery.  The finale comes when Lee exits to meet with Grant to accept terms of surrender.  Well done, informative, a visual history lesson.



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