Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo Emerges Under the Big Top

by Valerie Summers

The iconic blue and yellow striped tent is back on the beach next to the Santa Monica Pier.  An excited crowd gathered  under the gigantic tent in anticipation of what was in store.  The newest Cirque du Soleil continues to amaze and delight audiences with its unique themes, amazing talent and comedy.  Cirque du Soliel celebrates its wondrous Silver Anniversary with the opening of Ovo.

Not since Lion King has the animal kingdom looked so imaginative except these were animals of a much smaller stature…insects.  Ovo showed us the very human side of of the lives of these small creatures as they worked, ate, fluttered, fought and looked for love and what happens when a stranger comes to town.  An  adorable ladybug, hopping  green crickets, fluttering dragon flies, crawling red ants, graceful butterflies and several not so easy t0 identify but nonetheless extremely colorful and imaginative members of the insect community performed breath-stopping antics.  A sexy spider lured its prey into her gigantic web. A band of colorful fleas had the audience oohing and aahing as they performed astonishing acrobatic feats.  Talk about rock-climbing.  The audience never saw anything quite like Ovo’s rendition!

And the music, especially composed for Ovo, added another dimension of drama and beauty.  ” In imagining the world of tomorrow, Cirque du Soleil is turning its attention to global citizenship and sustainability issues, such as the environment.”   It’s a must see!

January 20-February  26

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