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March 25, 2013

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By Valerie Summers
My introduction to Temptu Airbrush Makeup was delivered by the hands of one of the top movie studio makeup artists, Fionagh Cush.  The trial makeup session took no more than 15 minutes and the results were impressive.  I just looked really good….not made up.  This line has been preferred by  film and television studios for more than 30 years but was only recently made available to the public for use in the home.
I learned about the product line which features primers, magical concealers and an abundance of foundation, blush and highlight colors from which to choose at a recent demonstration  Fionagh applied the unique silicone based foundation with an airbrush which resembled a mini hair dryer.  Small pods of foundation, blush and highlighter which attach to the airbrush were applied to my face which simply felt like a light breeze. The result was a flawless complexion – no liquid nor powder foundations creeping into and thus accentuating the lines on my face.  It also does wonders covering blemishes and dark spots.  The products work well on every type of complexion.
Once home, I carefully took apart my kit, following the directions as well as I could which included a basic DVD, then checked the website for more instructions.  At, I went to the “learn” section which proved very helpful, but there is nothing like just jumping in and trying it.  I can’t say that my first try was great, but I did get the hang of it.  Since I have tried it a few times now, I am getting better and better results.  Simply holding the airbrush – like a pencil – and tilting it downward, adjusting the air flow correctly and keeping the airbrush the proper distance from my face took a bit of practice.  The result has been questions such as “Did you do something to your face?  You look gorgeous.“  I could say I had a procedure at the dermatologist’s office but I am happy to share this new found way to look naturally beautiful.
The easiest way to purchase this product line is online at  Join the airbrush revolution for an instant beauty makeover.  You’ll feel like an artist and you’ll love the results.

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