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June 28, 2016

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By Valerie Summers
The fountain of youth, promising health and beauty, offers a fantasy of what we hope might be attainable. With so many products on the market, so many commercials and advertisements, it is difficult to determine fact from fiction….hoping the newest and latest will have the desired effect.
I recently discovered a line of skin care from Korea called Sulwhasoo which is carried in a very few select shops. My introduction came in the form of a heavenly facial in a facial salon at the Beverly Hills cosmetic department of Neiman Marcus after which I actually saw a difference. The products are pure and include no chemicals…even the eye cream may be applied right up to the bottom lid. I was impressed.
My introductory facial featured around a dozen different products in different price ranges from the Gentle Cleansing Oil at $38.00 to the Time Treasure Cream priced at $420.00. The special ingredient used in the products comes from the Korean Red Pine Tree that has miraculously maintained its youth under a grueling test of time for a thousand years. This is not a cosmetic line but a very effective assortment of pure skin care products which fortify, renew and hydrate. I found the products produced such good results that my use of cosmetics has been curtailed to minimum. A few of the products are listed below.
SnowiseEX White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel, a wash-off gel which moisturizes and purifies as it evens skin tones and diminishes discoloration while it moisturizes and removes excess sebum.
Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream, an anti-oxidant complex, helps improve skin’s defense against environmental hazards and reduce puffiness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike most eye creams which users are advised not to apply too close to the eye, this pure product may be applied to the area close to the eye.
The Gentle Cleansing Oil, the ingredients of which include Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed, White Birch and Orange Seed Extract and Apricot Seed Oil sounds healthy enough to eat.
Timetreasure Renovating Serum restores skin vitality with a concentration of seeds and fruits lightens, brightens, exfoliates and diminishes signs of aging.
The 10 piece Snowise Tri-White Complex utilizes sheet masks created from plant pulp fermented in white ginseng. The result….promotion of circulation and prevention of inflammation while brightening and minimizing age spots.
The Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Value Set is just that…an opportunity to sample the products without a large investment. The set features seven products, each formulated with Korean Red Pine known for its age-defying properties. The company’s goal is to treat the root cause of imbalance to restore skin health thought Holistic skin wellness.
The philosophy of Sulwhasoo reflects my lifestyle of natural products for good health and good skin care. Sulwhasoo products are currently available at Bergdorf Godman, Neiman Marcus, and

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