New & Spectacular Cirque Du Soliel Debuts in LA

September 26, 2011

Entertainment, Los Angeles

Cirque du Soliel has done it again!  Iris — A Journey Through the World of Cinema debuted last night at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, home to the Oscars.  Appropriately named after that colorful part of the human eye which gathers light and enables vision as does the lens of a camera, Iris offers a salute to the film industry.  The sparkling, fast-paced, unique and often comical presentation was at times like a 6-ring circus with the audience trying to take in the whole fast moving scene.  There was a bit of everything which kept the audience laughing and gasping as the cast  performed breathtaking acrobatic feats, particularly those where they  dangled precariously hundreds of feet above the audience.  Intricate, glittering costumes, opulent scenery and specially made props including a quirky, vintage-looking camera dolly topped with a working camera that projects live video were all part of the unique and spectacular show.  Iris features circus acts, acrobatics, dance, music, video projection and an exceptionally talented cast of characters, both on stage and behind the scenes, who embody both the technical and human elements which make up film-making.

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