Authentic Greek Yogurt Specialty Eatery

July 28, 2014

Go Greek, Southern California

by Valerie Summers

Strolling through Beverly Hills last night, I happened across a new yogurt shop and decided to check it out.  This is a yogurt eatery unlike any I have patronized before.  Very upscale and well worth the cost of a delicious authentic Greek  frozen yogurt — a choice of of four creamy flavors was offered: chocolate, honey, peach and tart and a fine selection of toppings.  A wholesome indulgence.

They also offer healthy breakfast and lunch parfaits as well as sweet and  savory toppings for the delicious, creamy Greek yogurt, flown in directly from Athens, Greece.  I could taste the difference in flavor and texture from what I am used to here in Los Angeles.  The exotic and healthy (there’s that word again)  toppings included quince, cherry, rose and carrot marmalade along with a variety of nuts and seeds.  These top of the line toppings are also available for purchase in attractive packaging.

A selection of exotic and healthful teas with names like Happy Tea, Ethos,White Coconut Creme and Mandarin Silk provide the healthy solution to a refreshing cold one or a nice hot cup of tea.

This is a new offering for yogurt fans and those who simply enjoy the best.  It’s a winner.

Go Greek

452 N. Bedford Drive

Beverly Hills



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