Non-Surgical Beauty Miracle

by Valerie Summers
Invented by Hollywood to perfect the appearance of the stars of stage and screen, Dermaflage scar cover and wrinkle concealer is now available to the public. Unbelievably easy to apply, this invisible silicone based waterproof product makes scars, frown lines and wrinkles disappear in less than two minutes. It is the perfect solution for those wanting to look perfect for that special occasion or for everyday use particularly to make scars invisible. Simple to apply, Worryless, the Hollywood Special Effects Filler, simulates real skin, is waterproof and lasts all day.
Tinted medical grade silicone is simply applied the area to be concealed and finger blended into the skin. Then a Skin Texture pad is placed over the area for one minute and then….presto…perfection. The starter kit offers a choice of six shades from Fair to Dark and is unbelievably simple and effective.
Now what medical professionals and professional makeup artists have used to achieve the look of an unblemished complexion is available for application in the privacy of your own home with a starter kit, good for up to 200 applications, depending on the size of the area, retailing for $60.
For professionals the Prokit includes 12 shades from Porcelain to Deep along with applicators, mixing tips, primers and application tools.