Le Jolie His/Hers Medi Spa Unveiled

by Valerie Summers

The newly opened Le Jolie Med Spa, tucked away just off Ventura Boulevard in LeJolieMediSpa-32Studio City offers a unique array of treatments for health and beauty and I decided to give it a try.  Upon entering the silver and white reception room, I was warmly greeted by its charming, young but highly experienced founder, esthetician Sharona Rafaeloff who offered me a relaxing cup of chocolate tea while I filled out necessary paperwork.  The serene atmosphere immediately put me at ease as I perused the variety of unique treatments available.  Several sounded yummy like the Myer’s Cocktail Vitamin IV and the Chocolate Oxygen Facial.
This is a place one could easily spend a day of relaxation, health and beauty treatments for both men and women or just an hour. …whatever time allows.
I spoke with one client who raved about the treatment she had just received to repair her once severely scared acne-damaged skin to a smooth and beautiful surface.  She shared photographs which were taken before the treatments began and the change was startling.
So many treatments to choose from! The spa features the latest equipment. I opted to begin with a relaxing stint in the sauna followed by hopping into their very special super modern shower before my first treatment. The Le Jolie Signature massage, a combination of Swedish, lymphatic cupping and deep tissue massage complemented by a heating/cooling mask for my back and I was on my way to a new me. After my treatment I spent the next several minutes relaxing at the oxygen bar, breathing in relaxing lavender infused oxygen while awaiting my following treatments.
Next up…my Chocolate Oxygen Facial…who could resist?  Beginning with a microdermabrasion, the facial continued with a chocolate enzyme mask over which a warm steam misted my face.  It smelled good enough to eat.  Then came the cocoa face massage and more oxygen.
I became fascinated by the impressive list of therapies and opted for something called Pressotherapy. ….unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced.  I climbed into a strange looking black high boot contraption which covered my legs.  This was complemented by L.E.D. color therapy glasses and headphones which distracted from the sound of the leg compression and decompression.  This treatment is recommended for lymphatic drainage and enhanced circulation.  It also helps with cellulite and reduces bloating, swelling and edema.  Good for both health and beauty.
Le Jolie offers a wide selection of treatments given by a well trained staff plus including an on-staff physician. Vacuodermie treatments may be used as an alternative to liposuction and provides help in rheumatology, reconstructive surgery and athletic physical therapy.  TiteFx treatment removes unwanted fat from one’s body while contouring and removing cellulite.  It’s a non-invasive, pain free treatment for slimming down the easy way.
Le Jolie’s extensive treatment list (and these are only a few of what’s available) includes laser hair removal, dermal fillers, a variety of massages, facials and colonic therapies for both men and women.
Finishing off my spa day, I felt I should look as good as I felt.  The salon offerings were almost as extensive as the spa’s and included anything I could think of for hair and make-up in addition to eyelash extensions and waxing wherever.
I emerged from Le Jolie a new person, relaxed and feeling gorgeous after a day of pampering and beauty.
Le Jolie Med Spa
13041 Ventura Bl.,
Studio City