Beverly Hills Skin Health & Beauty

by Valerie Summers

At the Obagi Skin Health Institute, it’s not just how good you look but more important, how healthy your skin is. Board Certified Dermatologist Zein Obagi’s Beverly Hills clinic offers a range of facials expertly administered by certified estheticians to keep skin healthy and glowing.  Their products are created by Dr. Obagi and include cleansers, lighteners, exfoliates and toners.

Innovative services offered include microdermabrasion, deep cleansing, skin brightening, stem cell extract for anti-aging or post-procedure aimed at regeneration and renewal and stimulation peel.  Facials may be customized but they generally range in cost from $135-350.   It’s a delicious experience.

For more serious matters, the institute offers medical tests which may answer what food sensitivity one might have which is adversely affecting one’s skin.  For uneven skin tone or discoloration, there is an easy solution.  Often, a woman’s hands are a giveaway to her age so the good doctor has concocted several solutions for this problem.

Additionally, the institute offers medical services including corrective peels, skin tightening, acne treatments and laser treatments and removals as well as plastic surgery.

In this ultra-modern setting, Dr. Obagi offered some practical advice on skin beauty through skin health. Skin health science and prevention is the goal – beauty through good health.

Obagi Skin Health Institute

270 N., Canon Dr.,

Beverly Hills