2:22 A Ghost Story

by Valerie Summers

Playwright Danny R0bins gives the audience a combination of laughs and fright in the record breaking, multi award winning psychological thriller 2:22 A Ghost Story now playing at the Ahmanson Theater. While the husband of a young couple is away on business his wife stays busy redecorating their new home but is disturbed by noises which she hears each night at 2:22.

Upon her husband’s return they invite two friends over for a housewarming celebration. Throughout the evening the conversation turns to the wife’s ongoing scary experience making her feel that the house is haunted.  As the evening progresses the visiting couple decides to stay until 2:22 to solve the mysterious happening. It’s an evening is filled with arguments, discussions and fear with some comic relief in this ghostly experience.

This edge of your seat performance focuses on the possibility of other worldly existence….believe it or not.

Ahmanson Theatre

135 N. Grand Ave.

Downtown Los Angeles

Oct. 29-Dec. 4