Powerful New Drama at the Rubicon

by Valerie Summers

Never Not Once, fueled by the #MeToo movement, transports the audience into the lives of five very connected people as past events are revealed and relationships are put to the test. This compelling new drama, by Carey Crim, follows a young biology student, lovingly raised by two mothers, on her quest to find her biological father.

All is well with her two loving mothers until she returns home with her new non-Caucasian boyfriend and announces she has hired a private detective to locate her father. Long buried secrets are revealed as the characters in this story uncover past events which have shaped their lives. Never Not Once offers a glance into a non-traditional family, bi-racial relationships, fabricated past events and coming face to face with the truth.

Never Not Once is a timely and emotional journey into revelations of the past and their impact.

Carey Crim’s unique voice has brought a story filled with love, compassion, honesty and humor, sometimes moving the audience to tears.  It is a story well told and on target for the times we are living in.

Through February 23, 2020

Rubicon Theatre

1006 E. Main Street