Dorrance Dance Delights

by Valerie Summers

The last time I saw professional tap dancing was many years ago as long and lanky Tommy Tune tapped his way across the stage.  Last night I witnessed the 21st century version of tap dancing which seemed to include ballet, jazz, soft shoe and acrobatics at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills.  WOW!  The audience was encouraged to hoot and holler and applaud all the way through the performance and they did. The versatile, talented and unique Dorrance Dance company, comprised of a group of men and women of all shapes and sizes, wore their own personal preference of suits, tights, shorts and other dance-wear.  The high energy dancers performed non-stop for 70 minutes accompanied by their own band led by musical director Donovan Dorrance, brother of the founder.

The exciting and innovative New York based company, founded in 2011 by award winning artistic Director Michelle Dorrance, pushes this dance form to the limit rhythmically, technically and conceptually.

9390 N. Santa Monica Bl.

Beverly Hills