Dark Comedy Opens at Culver Studios

Benjamin David Rawls, Melina Chadbourne and Donna Goldfarb star in Pterodactyls.
Photo: Edo Tsoar

By Valerie Summers

The award winning play, Pterodactyls, suggests that our extinction is beginning not with an asteroid or an ice age but rather with a severed connection to the ones closest to us.  The story follows a family’s decent into chaos and loss.  The characters featured include a very stylish self absorbed mother, a barely there father, a beautiful young daughter who just wants to get away and the return of a son with problems of his own which will affect the others, changing all their lives.  In addition, a young man who the daughter sees as her vehicle for escape enters the picture and is used in different ways by all of the members of the family as their lives become altered….not for the best.

Nominated  for various awards including a Drama Desk award for Best Play, Pterodactyls offers the audience a look into the human condition and the times we live in.  The award-winning playwright, Nicky  Silver is one of the freshest new playwrights of this generation.  Presented by the Pop Up Theater, their mission is to combine the intimacy of film with the power of live performance, bringing to life non-traditional performance spaces.  Thus, Pterodactyls is being performed Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in The Commissary of Culver Studios, home to movie and television production through September 24.


Tickets are available online at

Culver Studios

9336 Washington Blvd.

Culver City